My Wife Caught the Blog Bug

For the most part I’m a selfish, resource sucking, windbag around the house. But when it comes to my wife, she has very little she gets excited about so when she does, I get excited too. She’s always been fascinated with fitness, her own and other people’s, and it brings out her truly helpful nature. She was a fat little kid who got fatter in school, then decided one day to get skinny. She did it the right way with proper eating and exercise. She was doing fine until she met me. And then I made her pregnant. Apparently there is some kind of weight gain associated with that and she’s looking to get rid of that. As part of her process, and in preparation for training as a personal trainer, she’s started a blog. I find it boring as all hell (except when she talks about me and how fat I am), but you people out there are boring (and I’m sure fat) so maybe you’ll enjoy it. I recently set her up with a stat counter, so go over there, have a look, and make her feel good about how many hits she gets.

Tipping the Scale…Over