My Tiara’s Too Tight And Other Stuff I Can’t Complain About

Today was one of those days that I have to try very hard not to complain about. Because no matter how rough my days are, when it comes down to it I’m working from home doing something I love and even the low days (disclosure: a low day do to my own screw up I might add) are better than the best days at my old job. But it does make me wonder about kids who have unrealistic expectations of what a dream job should be.

I saw one of those stupid Internet polls that listed a bunch of jobs that don’t even feel like work. Well this job was on there and let me tell you, today it really felt like work. But again, I’m still in my bathrobe and was able to do this all from home so I’m very aware of how lucky I am.

Last night we went to my niece’s school program and had fun. She’s a few years older than Spenser and has always been one of our honorary kids. Having her come around made me sure I could handle three kids and in fact, showed me I kind of want three kids. But the event also made me realize how much I hate being around other parents. They’re so hyper competitive and don’t seem to be having any fun at these things. I hope I don’t come off that way. When Spenser started kindergarten I initially want to be an involved parent and volunteer and do PTO and such, but man, just one look at the Facebook page of the school and I started getting hives.

Anyway, we do live in a great school distract and this is petty stuff for the most part that plays to my general dislike of people more than anything else. So again, it’s hard to complain especially considering there are schools close to us where parents don’t show up or can’t show up for these things.