My own worst enemy

I’ve been trying to update this blog on a more regular basis after I realized I was waiting days and days for a build up of material so I could post a big old monster post that read like a newspaper column. While I still prefer that kind of post, I’m going to try and record some of the smaller and more random thoughts to in the ‘tween times. I don’t think I’ll ever resort to this kind of gimmick, but you can never tell…

Right now I’m listening to blues radio on NPR and wishing I had the money and time to build a really big and deep blues record collection. One of these days I’m going to get an iPod and load it up with blues music, but I’d still like to have the cds to keep on my book shelves.

Now, about the post header. I reported last night that I had a breakthrough on writing a new Chick Lit novel instead of pounding my head against the wall on my current mystery novel. The first four pages went great, and then I fell victim to one of my biggest weaknesses. I have to know EVERYTHING. I spent all day today looking up articles about Chick Lit, Lad Lit, Dick Lit and everything between. I looked at Nick Hornby’s website and the websites of several other male and female romantic comedy writers. I even went to Nicholas Sparks’ website. I also reviewed Publisher’s Weekly and Publisher’s Marketplace for deal regarding male chick lit etc. and the culmination of all of this was paralysis. I started last night on a lark and just wrote for fun, today I paralyzed myself with all of the business aspects of the dumb thing that when I sat down to write I couldn;t think about the story.

This is also why I have trouble sleeping at night. I can’t turn my brain off.

On the plus side working on that book did, at least partially, have the intended affect on my brain regarding Lunchbox Hero. I thought of a way to tie off a big loose end that’s been bugging me without damaging the structure of everything that follows it. That should also allow me to add 10-15 manuscript pages which will be nice. I still have no idea what to do with the ending, but this is a step in the right direction and tommorow at work that’s probably what I’ll write. I’m not giving up on the other novel just yet, but maybe between the two of them I can keep myself reasonably sane and busy. I also really want to get a story out for Hardluck. The deadline for that is April 1 I think so I’m thinking a weekend here soon should be enough to get the bones downs. I’ve got a good idea but I’m not mentioning it to anyone. I think that’s also part of the problem I had with the Chick Lit novel. I told too many people about it too soon and spoiled it for myself. When I do back to it I’m not telling anybody. At least I don;t plan on telling anybody. Well, I’ll probably tell somebody, just not everybody.

You and I both know I’ll probably post it here…