My First Podcast Interview Is Live

My first podcast interview is live today at The Author Biz. The official topic is finding the right editor for your work, but I also talked a lot about my own writing process including much about Murder Boy. I can’t say I really enjoyed the process of recording a podcast though. I did it at home on my laptop over Skype while wearing headphones. Something about the total silence of headphones always discombobulates me and throws me off my game and makes it hard for me to focus. Such is the case with this interview and I had a head cold which added an extra layer of disorientation. I felt so weird about the process, in fact, that I actually listened to the entire interview before I posted links to it to make sure i didn’t say anything completely horrible. As is, I’m not quite happy with a few of my answers, but I think the spirit of the interview is good.

As I mentioned in my previous post, this interview is part of the coming tide of promo events here over the next month to celebrate the publication of Murder Boy. Scheduled appearances include:

  • Guest post at BOLO Books 3/31
  • Interview at My Bookish Ways 4/4
  • Conversation with Rob Hart at LitReactor 4/8
  • Interview with JT Ellison on 4/9
  • Guest post at Shelf Pleasure 4/10
  • Guest post at Mystery Writing is Murder 4/13
  • Guest post at the Word Nerds 4/29

I’m also in the process of finalizing several other cool opportunities so keep checking back here for the latest news.