My First Book Deal Is Two Years Old Today


According to the Facebook memories feature (thanks to Dave White for pointing it out), today is the two-year anniversary of my book deal for Murder Boy.

I got the email from Jason Pinter in the morning and I was sitting at my desk in my bathrobe. I literally spun around in the chair and jumped up in the air when I read the email and I’ve been on Cloud Nine since.

Along the way a digital book deal turned into a print book deal and a book tour to some of the finest indie bookstores in the country. And in June the sequel, Riot Load, hits the shelves. That’s two books on the shelf and a royalty check in my pocket before most authors even see their first book on shelves. I am truly blessed in the most un-ironic way possible.

So thanks again to Jason for taking a chance on me and to all the booksellers who sold copies and to all of the readers who bought a copy. Also, of course, to Becky who was there to cheer me on and support me as the rest of that year turned quite to shit for both of us.