My DetCon1 Schedule (Including A Super Cool Opportunity To Hear Me Read From A Super Cool Project)


Holy wow, how did it get to be Friday already? Lots of work to finish up today because tomorrow I’ll be heading downtown Detroit to participate in the DetCon1 festivities. And what is DetCon, you ask? Anytime the World Science Fiction Convention is held outside of North America, there is a North American Science Fiction Convention held for those who can’t travel internationally due to cost, logistics, or secret double lives. This year it’s in Detroit. Yay!

I’ll also be bringing Spenser with me for his first full-day fandom event. I took him for a couple of hours when I went to ConFusion last year and he really enjoyed himself so this should be great for him. He keeps calling it the science fiction invention though, which I find hilarious.

So, I’ll be around, likely hanging about in the bar and panels when I’m not on a panel myself. And what might those panels be?

11am  Teens Talk to… Editors
Duluth A
Track: Teen
Type: Panel
Tony Daniel, Sarah Hans, Bryon Quertermous
We always pay attention to who wrote the book or story, but we forget the people behind the scenes. Editors talk about what they do and answer questions.

1pm  What Am I Looking For?
Mackinac East
Track: Writing
Type: Panel
Diana M. Pho (moderator), Richard Flores IV, Kate Baker, Neil Clarke, Sam Morgan, Bryon Quertermous
Agents and editors talk about the sorts of projects that interest them individually and answer general publishing questions.

5pm  Michigan Voices 2: Short Readings
Joliet A
Track: Literature
Type: Reading
Jen Haeger, Cindy Spencer Pape, Harry R. Campion (M.H. Mead), Margaret Yang (M.H. Mead), Bryon Quertermous
A group reading featuring Michigan authors.

I’m particularly excited about that reading because it will be the first time anyone has ever been exposed to the urban fantasy novel I’ve been writing on-and-off on for the last year. If you’re near Detroit, pop by and say hello.