My Decidedly Passive Sports History

As I’m watching the NFL draft and Tigers baseball in my easy chair, it seems like a good time to chat about my life in sports. I’ve never been remotely athletic which has diminished my interest in sports certainly. My dad has always been a big sports fan so that kept me into it as I was growing up so I wasn’t a complete loser. I remember watching basketball a lot in the 80s when the Pistons were good and we’ve always watched Lions football on Sundays and listened to the Tigers on the radio when working in the garage, but when I moved out I kind of got out of it all. Except Michigan football. I lived in Ann Arbor, you can’t ever get away from Michigan football.

I got back into it when I met Becky. Our initial courtship coincided with the magical 2006 Tigers run to the World Series so we watched a lot of those games at bars on dates and attended a few in person but it was mainly football that was our thing because Becky had season tickets. Kind of a twist on the standard relationship roles, eh? Once we started going to football games regularly I was hooked. Hooked to a ridiculous degree. This also reignited the full flame of my UM football interest. So between 2007-2008 we were all about football and forgot about baseball.

Then I had kids and found myself sitting around on the couch a lot. Spenser cried a lot and there were very few things that calmed him down. One of them was Jeopardy and the other as baseball. If you watch enough baseball you either get so bored you gore your eyeballs out with the remote control or you begin to appreciate it. I could never find the remote so I began appreciating it. It also helps that baseball falls in a dead zone of the television season where nothing but reality shows and crappy burn off pilots are shown so it’s the lesser of the evils.

I’ve never liked hockey. I just don’t get it. Basketball players in general annoy me and their size has greatly exceeded the current court which sucks all of the interest out of it. I’ll watch UM when they’re good and when they’re on TV, but I won’t seek them out. Football is still my number one love and when it begins in September my interest in baseball plummets substantially.

Now begins the next phase where I start manufacturing interest in crap sports like soccer and T-ball so Spenser and Holly can experiment with their own athleticism but I’ve got to imagine even those sports are better than what I’ll experience with violin and piano lessons. Maybe they’ll be expert mimes.