My DC Comic Movie Wish List

I went to see Captain America today and thought it was fantastic. I went during the day for the cheaper matinee, which seems like the right tome to watch a superhero movie for some reason. I was excited for this one and it didn’t disappoint. I’d like to say it’s my favorite comic book movie this summer, but I still think I liked Thor more. I think that might be because I had high hopes for CA and it met them, but I had really low expectations for Thor and it blew me away. But all of that, and an article I read yesterday about the impending death of the superhero movie got me thinking.

I’m sure the glut of superhero movies will end soon, but there will still be room for the well-written spectacles. It’s the CGI slopfests that will soon disappear. Unfortunately, DC seems to be the source of most of the slop. On the surface this seems to be because DC has worse characters than Marvel. And that’s sort of true, once you get away from Batman and Superman, but a movie like the Green Lantern was not a failure because of a poor character, it was failure because it was a good character poorly developed (though I did enjoy the movie, but I also enjoyed Daredevil and Jonah Hex). I think the Vertigo imprint offers more chances for better movies, though they don’t seem to be ripe for the tentpole type summer movie like the Marvel characters.

But here’s my DC superhero movie wish list for the immediate future, which I think will go a long way to reviving their good name:

1. I would like to see a really good Flash movie. I could give or take whatever they do next with Superman, but I think Flash offers the best mix of tentpole action, witty self-referential narration, and deep character to compete with the best Marvel has to offer.

2. I would like to see a good Preacher movie made. I know John August has a script out there, but I don’t care who writes, it’s something I’d like to see. Maybe even on HBO. They did good work with Angels in America.

3. I’d like to see Quentin Tarantino do a superhero movie. I tell you what I’d really love, is Quentin Tarantino to do a Super Friends movie. He could nail the funky 70s vibe to make it more like the cartoon I remember.

4. After Christopher Nolan is done with his run on the Batman series, I’d like to see them dig into the Gotham Central series for material.

5. I want to see a Scalped movie.

6. I want to see a Damage Control movie. I know that’s Marvel. But I really want to see it. Wait, no, I really want to WRITE a Damage Control movie. Or better yet, a new Damage Control mini arc for Marvel.

Okay, now I’m just getting greedy. What’s your DC Comics Movie Wishlist?