My Battery Needs A Recharge + Bonus Kid Pic

If my body had a battery meter like my MacBook does, it would be at 2%. I just feel so drained. Part of it has been the resurgence of cold weather, but the biggest reason has been keeping up the house and the kids and taking care of Becky over Spring Break while Becky was incapacitated. It may sound like I complain a lot about cleaning the house after her and doing laundry, but she does a ton around the house to keep it running and without her help it’s been exhausting.

I have a bunch of work stuff I need to get sorted out before I leave for New York City Tuesday for Edgar Week, so no real chance for a recharge before then. And then once I get to NYC, my schedule is pretty much back-to-back events along with a couple of edits I need to finish up. I’m not really complaining, because my life is awesome and I realize that, but if I fail to show up for any of my scheduled Edgar Week events, somebody come looking for me because I’ll probably be passed out on the sidewalk somewhere from exhaustion.

Yesterday I took the kids to the park and meant to post this picture yesterday but didn’t get the chance. These are the two little people who make all of the exhaustion worth it. And of course there will be a third soon so I might as well get used to the exhaustion, right?