Mr. Write

Someone pointed out in my last post that I haven’t exactly loaded this blog with writing related posts and I realized with final projects and songs and group horrors at the end of the semester, I’ve been away from revising the end of my novel LUNCHBOX HERO for a while. Well tonight I got back into it. As always I had to start in slow so I did 331 new words and polished up the action scene that ties the new chapters I’ve written into the existing narrative. For me it felt pretty successful. Now I just have to keep up the momentum even though I’ll be starting a new job on Friday. Luckily the job is only three days a week so it won’t exactly be draining my creativity and it’s marketing work which apparently they’ll let any monkey with a degree do.

So here’s the current totals for what I have after writing a few new chapters to tie off a loose end and cutting a bunch of stuff at the end to eliminate my faked death ending. The official MS Word word count is 49,079 with a page count of 218 (Times New Roman 12 point font w/ 1.25 in margins). That gives me a publishing industry word count (300 words per page for TNR) of approximately 65,000. I’d like to get at least 70,000 but I’m not sure I’ll hit that.

As soon as I’m done with this vile beast I’m throwing it in a drawer and recommencing the querying process so I can get it out of my hands and into the hands of someone who can help me. I also want to spend the summer writing short stories. I have a short I started originally for the Hardluck bank robbery issue but only got half finished that I want to complete, then I have a story I’ll be writing specifically with THRILLING DETECTIVE in mind and then I want to write a really good literary story that might get me into MICHIGAN QUARTERLY REVIEW or one of the other major university journals. I think I’ve got a good idea and I’ll be working with my creative writing prof on it over the summer so we’ll see what I can create.

Is that enough writing crap? Can I go back to talking about musicals and chick flicks again?