Mr. Sandman bring me a zzzzzz…

I have not been sleeping well since we got back from Florida. Maybe it’s my body’s way of geeting me used to the sleep deprivation that will come with the baby. Blah. I like my sleep.

The writing is going okay, but I’m still feeling funky about it. I spent some time yesterday going through me email and reading notes from other authors and agents who told me I was a good writer and on the right track. Pathetic I know, but it worked.

I’ve also spent a lot of time at Terry Rossio’s Wordplayer site for screenwriters which has been a huge help. To break up the funk I thought trying something different might help so I started a screenplay. I was never able to really get a rythm going with it but it gave me enough space to look at my novel objectively. And that Wordplayer site had some great tips that helped me get my plotting issues under control.

I’ve also got a short story brewing that might make me feel better so that could be a weekend project maybe. I wish I was still in Florida. Or maybe LA, that would be nice.