Mr. Reflective

So I woke up on this, the day of my 32nd birthday, with my brand new baby in my arms and Full House on the television. Birthdays are usually a good time for reflection and boy do I have a doozy of reflections this year. Not only was my baby born on September 12, my one year wedding anniversary with Becky was on September 14 (we celebrated with Buffalo Wild Wings in the hospital room). Sooooo, it’s quite apparent that my life has changed drastically in the two years since I turned 30 and I gotta say, even though it feels like things have happened so fast, I’ve very happy where I am in my life. I’ve got a good job, a great wife, a cute baby, a nice house, two new cars, and a writing career that seems going in the right direction. Now much I’d want to change about that.

I’ll have a more detailed version of our baby adventures on Friday over at First Offenders so be sure to check that out. And thanks to every one who has made encouraging comments through Facebook and Twitter. It’s fun getting immediate feedback during such an exciting time in my life. And here’s just one more cute baby picture.