Mr. Average

I got another request for a partial manuscript in my email today that makes 4 requests in 14 responses for the new query. That gives me a batting average of .285 which puts me in the top six if I were on the current MLB leading Boston Red Sox or in the top 5 of my hometown American League Champion Detroit Tigers. Unfortunatley I couldn’t hit a baseball if it were superglued to the bat.

Yesterday was also my first real good writing day in a while. I took out a Dallas Ellington story I wrote a while ago that was way too long and way too complicated and whittled into shape enough that I felt confident submitting it to a couple of new markets. I also chipped away a few hundred words on the new short story I’m working on. I decided to take the idea I had for the second Dallas book and do it as a short story instead for submission to AHMM which has a solid history of publishing excellent PI shorts. I plan on following it up with the story about the computer repo guy that will go to EQMM. Then maybe I’ll know what the heck to write as the next book.

What’s your literary batting average look like?