Mort & Maurice

So, uh, we may have added someone to the family. I know it seems soon, and it seemed soon to us as well, but Becky and I both were having a harder time than we thought we would with Ruby’s death. He was a giant pain in the ass while he was alive, but after 12 years, even a pain in the ass grows on you and becomes part of the family. And the girls were having a hard time as well (Spenser has mostly moved on and was never the biggest cat person in the house anyway), so we casually got online and noticed most of the shelters in the area were waiving adoption fees this month because they were all at capacity. Most of the shelters near us though were overloaded with cats that were too old (after having just lost one, we weren’t comfortable putting ourselves in the situation of having to do this again in another year or two), or couldn’t go to homes with young kids or other pets. Also, frankly, their application processes were a nightmare and a little too strict, I think, considering the glut of homeless cats in this area. But I digress.

Anyway, we found another shelter in Dearborn that had a few contenders, but the one that really won our hearts was a 6-year-old Tabby named Mort (the top one, we think) that also came with an identical brother named Maurice. We decided that, sure, adding two more cats to our chaotic household was the right move and called to see if they were still available. They were and we loaded the kids up and went out to pay them a visit. They were hiding when we found them, but gradually they warmed to the kids, even Natalie who doesn’t have a subtle (or quiet) bit in her body. They really seemed to like Becky though. Once it was clear Mort & Maurice were going to work out well for us, the volunteer told us it would probably be a few days before we could take them home and the kids were sad. But we happened to catch them right at closing–and to be honest I think they were worried that if they gave us a few days we might back out of taking them both–so after the paperwork was done they handed me two boxes with two neutered, micro-chipped, and vaccinated cats, and wished us well.

When we got home, Mort quickly popped out of his box and ran behind the couch and Maurice emerged slower before also running behind the couch. When all efforts to find a light that worked failed, it dawned on us the power was out, so we thought it would be good for them to have some time by themselves to explore on their own in the dark, so we locked Stewie in his room and went out and loaded up on cat beds, litter boxes, food dishes, cat food, cat treats, and cat toys. It was odd buying so much stuff in the cat aisle because Ruby preferred a dog bed, dog food, sharing a food and water dish with Stewie, and didn’t care for toys. He did like cat treats though.

They did well their first night at home. When the kids went to bed and Becky went out to the store, Mort cruised down the hallway and took up residence on the back of the toilet while Maurice remained hidden in the bookshelf. And it seems after Stewie and I went to bed, they both came out and played with Becky for a while even letting her rub Mort’s belly. I have to admit I was a bit jealous when she told me this.

I’ve been trying to give Stew time to sniff around the room we put them in and smell their beds and litter boxes and stuff, but this morning when he first encountered one of them, the cat hissed and Stew quickly backed away and decided he was done exploring for a while. Hopefully they’ll all get along fine, and I’m not really worried about it, but it’s just one more thing that makes me sad thinking about how he’ll never have what he had with Ruby. Stew was 8 weeks old when we brought him home and he’s never really known a life without Ruby. I’m still not sure he quite knows what’s going on.

But welcome, Mort & Maurice. Your membership cards are on their way.