More Thoughts on iPads and Hobbits

I’ve enjoyed both lately. My iPad continues to amaze me at it’s versatility (though it’s weight is certainly an issue for my wrist when my reading sessions get into multiple hours) and it might be the single best professional purchase I’ve made since my original laptop.

As for Hobbits, I saw the movie last night with a friend and really enjoyed it. I’ve always enjoyed The Hobbit novel much more than The Lord of the Rings so I expected I would enjoy the movie more as well because frankly LOTR bored me silly in many many parts.  The movie was funny and exciting and everything I hope for in a fantasy story. I’d heard rumors of it being slow in the middle but aside from a gollum scene that I thought went on too long I was never bored. I’m excited to see the second one which I could never saw for LOTR.

As an aside to the iPad conversation I have begun rethinking using it as a laptop replacement for prose writing and such. If all I needed a laptop for was writing prose I think the iPad might make a suitable laptop replacement but for editing I just don’t see it working well for a full line edit of a 90k word novel. With the programs I’m currently running on it I’m able to do a good chunk of line editing using track changes in regular iPad mode without an external keyboard but there’s no way I could do a whole novel that way. Right now I’ve been doing the bulk of the line editing work on my 7 year old Dell desktop which, much like my laptop, does what it needs to do with much success and little trouble.

My infatuation with the iPad has made me seriously think about getting a Macbook Air as a laptop and desktop replacement computer  but for less than the roughly $1200 I’d spend on that I could upgrade  my laptop with an ultra book and upgrade my desktop as well. I think a lot of it will depend on how much I end up making from all of this. If I can continue to pick up the occasional freelance edit for indie writers outside of my regular work I might be able to justify getting a Mac but still, man that’s expensive.