More Adventures in Pediatric Dentistry


I took Spenser to the dentist this morning for a sedation dentistry procedure and this is the final result. He survived his tooth extraction, but the dental office left quite a bad taste in my mouth. I’ve hated this dentist since we first visited them, but Spenser keeps having pain in this one tooth so we wanted to get that taken care of before he starts school next month so we got him in and have had nothing but trouble.

It culminated yesterday when I tried to get a hold of them to talk about a problem with the prescription and all I got was silence. I called 7-8 times, left a message, sent and email, and then finally sent a strongly worded fax. Well, apparently that fax pissed them off and when I talked to the dentist today instead of apologizing, she lectured me like a school boy and turned it on me. When I called her out on it and put me foot down on her doing more work on Spenser than I wanted she threatened to call social services.

Needless to say we won’t be having any more contact with this dental office. I’ve thought about mentioning them here so others don’t make the same mistake we did, but that seems a bit petty and, also, these seem like the people who have deep enough pockets to sue based on a poor understanding of libel and slander laws and I don’t want any part of that. So we’ll just go back to looking for a new dentist.

We’ve had pretty bad luck trying to find a new dentist since our last one stopped taking insurance. I think we’ve realized it’s probably better to stay with the dentist we like and trust and just pay the extra money. I have good teeth and Holly seems to have inherited that from me, but Spenser and Mommy will keep the dentist busy for the coming years.

So now Spenser is resting and I’m editing while watching Phineas and Pherb and that’s a pretty cool recipe for an afternoon.

P.S. Today is my mom’s birthday so here’s a shout out to her with thanks for making sure I didn’t turn out to be a completely awful person. Thanks mom. I love you.