I’m sick again and because I’ve once again dipped into the nectar of the gods this post will be nothing more than a stew of my random thoughts…

Every year I say I’m going to get Panczkis early so I can get lemon, which is my favorite and the first to disappear, but every year I find myself in a grocery store at 9pm scouring the shelves for my beloved lemon. This year was no different. I had to resort to rasberry, which was all that good, and cream filled, which I will probably have tommorow morning. This is the first time I’ve seen them covered in sugar instead of powder and so now I have sugar all over my coat.

I enjoy country music and I’m not hiding it any longer.

My rejection dance continues as I’ve gotten three SASE in the mail in the last week. Well, two and a half rejections. The Rockford Review said they won’t be looking at submissions until 2006 so they doesn’t count as a whole rejection, then I also got a real rejection from the Orchid Review, and I got a rejection from Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. One of the letters said the average story gets rejected 25 times before being published. Somehow I doubt the validity of that figure, the most rejections I’ve had on one story was 10 or so, but it’s nice to think about anyway.

I guess I should also mention the shiny, new anthology I put together for the Junk in the Trunk stories. Dreamweaver is my friend and makes this kind of thing fun. I should also mention that for those looking for a repeat of my hypermedia fiction experiment Trunk Shot in the anthology it’s not there. For those who don’t care, the story text is still there so take that as you will. Apparently there are some bugs in the website but right now I could care less. It looks good and isn’t that what fiction is all about?

I really do hate this state. It was 40 most of this week now it’s suppossed to snow tonight…

Thursday will most likely be the day I repeat my broadway performance. Today I watched some good people and I think I know what I need to do to get emotional. The cute brunette sat in front of me again and had her hair put up, wrapped in a headband, because she was sick. She looked cute like that. She was on Vicadin for some pain she was having so she was in much worse shape than me. Didn’t make me feel any better. But she had on these pants that were made out of towelly material and accentuated every nice…well, never mind.