Mini Me and Such

Today is Take Your Little Monster to Work Day and I’ve been thinking about my kid on the way. I know it may sound selfish, but I want him to be a writer. It’s probably mean to wish this sort of staggering insanity on anyone, but I look at Stephen King and the Kellermans and think that’s sooo cool. Even when Duane or Greg posts about the stories their kids write I get a little excited thinking I might be able to experience that one day.

But I’ll probably end up with a baseball player or wrestler or something and that would be cool too I guess…

The kid already has more clothes than most people I know including his first Detroit Lions jersey (I REALLY hope they don’t trade Roy Williams making at least 2 jerseys in our house useless) and his first U of M outfit. His room at the new house is coming along nicely and will soon have carpet and dinosaur decorations. Raaaaarrrrr. I also think we narrowed the name down to Matthew. You’ve got your Scudder PI reference and your Biblical reference. What more could you ask for?