Midlife Crisis Part II: I Bought An Xbox

First it was an electric guitar, now an Xbox. As I approach 40 I’m systematically buying items I always wanted but didn’t buy when I was young and poor. My history with video games is rather sketchy and mostly involved playing poorly at other friends houses. My most extended relationship with video games was when Goldeneye was popular for Nintendo 64 and two of my friends and I played it a lot. After that we moved to Perfect Dark and then my friend got an Xbox and we briefly played Halo and that was it. Aside from my family briefly having a Super Nintendo when those were popular, this is the first video game system that is all mine.

I got it by being a good consumer and an awful human and hitting up Target’s Thanksgiving Day sale. I got the system for $299 and it came with a $60 gift card. We also use the Target debit card which gives us an extra 5% off so, really, it was almost free. I knew these were going to be the two games I wanted right as well. Spenser and Holly play Call of Duty at my in-laws all the time and I like first person shooters so figured this would be a good game to play with them. So far I’ve been impressed and enjoyed the heck out of it with and without Spenser (in fact, Spenser has hijacked it and is playing next to me while I write this.

Fallout 4 was one I was also excited about but had some trouble with. I’ll have a more detailed review later on but, but so far I’ve really really loved it. The opening stuff while the game was loading was funny and entertaining and the music is great and sets the world really well. And then I had no idea how to play for a very long time. Once I figured out what I was doing though and was able to start finding items and shooting things it got much more enjoyable. I look forward to digging in deeper and losing all touch with reality.

So that’s what I’m doing over Thanksgiving vacation. I had a bunch of deadlines right before vacation started, but then it was four days with no work and absolutely nothing to do. Hello video games. And how is your holiday?