Mental Buckshot

(cross-posted from First Offenders)

I’m still in that post first draft state where I can’t keep a coherent thought together for very long (and let’s be honest, I’m not all that good and keeping a coherent thought together regularly). While I read through the current manuscript, cutting junk and wasted trips and making notes about threads I need to explore more, I’m also chipping away at a few other projects just for the fun of it to change things up. I’ve got a rather mean or possibly depressing short story, a non-crime humor book, and a screenplay all in the fire with very little accomplished on any of them but I’m having fun. Here are some of my other thoughts

-Why is football season so short? Every other season seems like it lasts the whole year and they play almost every day, but football, once a week for maybe four months. And college is even shorter – especially this year for Michigan fans.

-Spenser for the most part is a very well-behaved baby, especially out at restaurants which is key for us, but for some reason, every week night when I get home from work around 6pm he screams and screams and screams unless you hold him and move around. If you do that, he’s fine, but the minute you stop, scream mode on. We’ve come up with a few ways to distract him short term so we can get things done, but overall it kinda sucks.

-Best line last night from 30 ROCK is when they’re talking about all of the different things New York might need protection from and Pete says Cloverfield monsters

-I think we’re going to get an easily assembled pre-lit Christmas tree this year. Beck has an old tree where each individual branch needs to be assembled and I’m just not on board with that. My mom brought a big box of all of my individual ornaments that have been bought for me over the years so we have something to hang on the tree

-Tinsel has to be the worst decoration idea ever. Whose dumb idea was that?

-I want to go to the movies a lot over the holidays. This always seems to happen and I love it, but I have a baby this year to work in the mix so that could be interesting. I still have yet to see HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 and one of the new ones I want to see is RACHEL GETTING MARRIED with Anne Hathaway in an independent adult role. Maybe if I’m working heavily on the screenplay I cam go to the movies more as “research”

-I finally had a really good barbeque sandwich last night at a place in Ann Arbor called the Blue Tractor. They even put the coleslaw on the sandwich like it’s supposed to be. I wasn’t as sold on the sweet potato fries though