Memories, photographic memories…

There was a moment yesterday at lunch where I wished I was Matt Damon’s character from GOOD WILL HUNTING. As part of my job, I research and find lots of modern and obscure medical journal articles relating to the field here. And of course, being a reader, I always give the articles a quick read while I’m scanning them or whatever. Well at lunch I ended up at a table full of doctors talking about a particular form of treatment. I’d read enough to understand what they were talking about, which was cool, but the fantasy part of me wished I was a speed reader with a photographic memory so I could read through everything in the field and jump in on the conversation and shock everyone. Instead I munched my meatballs and tried not to look like a total boob.

Good stuff.

The house is coming along nicely, but I really hate painting. It’s not that hard, it’s just tedious. And there are soooo many walls in this house.