Me, The Edgars, And A Bit Of Sad Nostalgia

I’ve tried to keep this site free of most of my bitterness about the end of my publishing career, but I’m feeling a bit sad seeing the photos of Edgar Awards Week so pardon a bit of indulgence. Last year’s Edgars were the high point for me. It was the coming out party for Exhibit A and my career as an editor. We’d just been approved by the Mystery Writers of America as a legit publisher and we had an awesome slate of new books in the pipeline. Everywhere I went people were excited about ExA and what we were going to do and how much an imprint like ours was needed.

Two short months later it all came crashing down. I’m happy with how my career has turned out since then, but I’m still pouring a splash of my Diet Pepsi on the curb today for what could have been.