Me at 41

Becky insisted on taking this photo as we had breakfast on my birthday and I’m glad she did. This year has been one of the toughest in recent memory for me – mentally, professionally, and such – but I’m still in much better shape than a lot of other folks in our country, so I can’t complain too much.

One of the absolute highlights of this year though was getting away with just Becky for three days to Cedar Point. We had originally planned on doing a wine weekend in Traverse City, but as the date approached that seemed to stuffy and boring (and expensive) and not much like us at all. So we switched it up to Cedar Point for their HalloWeekends and we spent the evenings doing haunted houses and spooky attractions and spent the day walking around in the fresh air with no social media or technology and riding as many roller coasters as we could – which is quite a lot doing it without little kids.

So as I approach my 41st year and find myself experiencing a lot of the depression and hazy wishful thinking about where I am in my life and my career that I expected to experience last year when I turned 40, I want to focus more on the good in my life and less on the sucky aspects, of which there really aren’t that many.