Me at 40

I took this picture at the New Orleans airport as I prepare to head home from Bouchercon. Every few years the conference falls over my birthday and this was one of those years. It’s also a milestone birthday, which means time to take stock of my life and all of that wonderful nonsense.

This conference says a lot about what’s good in my life at 40. I have two novels published, a life-long dream, that I was promoting at the conference. I have an enjoyable and active freelance editing career as evidence by my meetings with current and former clients and seeing four different books I edited for sale in the book room along with my own novels. During the conference I had dinners and breakfasts and lunches with folks I consider true friends, not just online friends or conference friends. That’s pretty cool. And back at home I have a great family waiting for me to return. I was able to FaceTime with Becky on the kids a few times and they sang Happy Birthday to me on Friday, my actual birthday.

So while my 20s were a deplorable mess, the decade since has been amazing and I arrive at 40 happier than any other point in my life. And there’s still plenty more awesome stuff on the horizon as well.

The only bad part of turning 40 is my body is getting more and more aggressive in it’s battle against the way I treat it. If I’m going to make it another decade to see what life has in store for me by the time I turn 50, I have to be more healthy. I have to eat better and move more and handle my stress better. Luckily I have a great support system around to make that easier and a whole lot to live for going forward.