Me At 39

This has been a pretty great year all around. My first novel was published to grand fanfare and people seem to be enjoying it, my family is healthy and awesome, my freelance editing business is humming along nicely with a slate of clients that provide a level of excitement and fulfillment I never got as an in-house editor.

Mentally I’m feeling great but physically I’m certainly starting to show signs of wear and tear. In addition to having hernia surgery, I spent the early part of the year combating allergies and viruses that I’m sure my body would have fought off better had I been in better shape. So that’s always an ongoing focus. Next year is 40, which used to seem more epic but now still seems young. I’m happy where I am in life as I approach 40 and look forward to what life has in store for me as I round the greens toward the back end.

I’m swamped with meetings at work today and I have more work to do on RIOT LOAD and some editing projects I’m in the middle of to work on as well so no time for relaxing or reflecting too much and I suppose that’s a good thing. Tonight when I get home from a late meeting we’ll have Chinese food and birthday cake which makes the kids happy and really, isn’t that what everything is about these days?