May Showers

May is going to be a good month for me and my stories. I’ve already mentioned I have a story coming out in the Blues issue of Hardluck Stories, but I just got word last night that my other favorite story, “Alter Road,” has been picked up for the May issue of Thuglit. That makes me 3-3 with Thuglit which I think is very cool. I was never able to be one of Plots with Guns’s Crimedogs, but I’m happy to be one of Thuglit’s loose cannons of crime fiction.

I’m very happy to see this story picked up for publication because I think it’s one of the best stories I’ve written but I had a nasty time trying to find some place to publish it. Who wouldn’t love a story that tackles the Biblical concept of grace with prison preachers, shotgun toting old women, and moronic meth dealers? But I racked up several rejections with it under it’s original title “Where Sin Abounds,” but then I rewrote it under the “Alter Road” title when I was invited to submit to the planned Detroit Noir anthology from Akashic. The DN editors passed on the story and I thought my anthology dreams were dead, but then Big Daddy Thug Todd Robinson picked me for the Thuglit anthology so I could put away the pills and the whiskey. Now they have saved me again and I couldn’t be happier.