Making an Ass, er, Donky out of Myself

Common wisdom says that people get more conservative as they get older but I’ve found myself getting more liberal as I get older. Some people would say this is because I’ve been spending too much time with the gays and hippies in Ann Arbor and liberal crime writers. But I don’t buy it. I’ve been in music and theater since high school so the proportion of gay and hippie influence in my life has always been high, yet until now, the only non-Republican candidate I’ve voted for was Ross Perot…yeah, I know. But now, I’m actually undecided for the first time.

I’m not exactly ready to jump on the Hillary band wagon, but I’m going to read Obama’s book because I liked the first few chapters I read in the bookstore the other day. I think I still fall on the conservative side of the line but more with the “liberal” candiadtes like Rudy more than the hard righters like Mitt or the Law and Order guy. A lot will depend on who gets the nominations for both parties and if I’ve learned anything from past performance it’s that the front runners in September almost never are the actual candidates.

I wonder if I’m not just getting more a-political and not caring as much. I’ve been kind of fatigued by the last few years on both sides and I’m ready for a fresh start. But I have noticed that as I get older, my music taste is certainly getting more conservative. All I listen to these days in country and easy listening stuff from the 70s. Sad, I know. Now get off my lawn dagnabbit.