Mac Attack

It just occured to me that this might be my first ever post from a MAC. That’s odd. I’ve checked it many times from MACs.

Anyway, I can feel myself getting fat again. It’s now been six weeks that I’ve been at my new job which involves no physical activity at all. And on top of that I’ve been snacking at all my breaks which is muy bueno sucko. As I was going up the stairs to work this morning I was a bit winded and new right then I’ve got to put a stop to this crap.

I know I need to be exercising, even a little bit, but by the time I get home from work after an hour drive it’s almost 8pm and I have very little time to do anything and I’ve been mostly concentrating on the novel. I kept telling myself it was worth the sacrifice of my health just for the time it takes to finish that stupid book. But that’s bunk. I can do it all I just need better time management skills. And the snacking needs to stop. Now. Really, I know.

Now about this book of mine. I’m so sick of the bloody thing I can’t see straight. I’m bored by it and can’t think of anything fresh to do with it and have no idea how it’s supposed to end. I’m sure I’ll get an epiphany sooner or later, it always happens, until then though, I’ll be stuck with many passages about one armd old men with cats and sketchy brownies.