Lunchbox Closed

Tonight, to the strains of Bob Dylan’s original version of “All Along the Watchtower” (Harmonicas? Seriously? I miss Jimi…) I finally finished the new ending for LUNCHBOX HERO. I disconnected myself from my internet connection and went down to the coffee house determined to stay there until it was finished. I knew this was going to be the night. Of course it took me an hour of screwing around before I finally got to work but in about an hour and a half I knocked off the 1800 words that put our hero in jeopardy, show him unmasking the killer, and their final confrontation.

With all of the other new material I’ve added I say we’re looking at maybe 6 or 7,000 new words added since the last draft (after cutting a couple thousand to get rid of the horrid faked death ending). This brings the final page count to 230 in TNR which gives me a little more than 60,000 words, just enough to scrape under the minimum for the PWA/St. Martin’s Press contest which will be this babies next destination. I’ll also be resuming my query-a-thon for agents. I’ve got 30 pages and a brief synopsis of the next book in the series done but I wont be finishing that book unless I get a deal for Lunchbox. If Lunchbox doesn’t sell this time around I’m really done with it and ready to move onto another novel I have simmering.

In the meantime I’ll be concentrating mostly on short stories and I might even get back to playwrighting but who knows. I’ll just be happy to have a novel back in circulation again.