Looking Good Monday

Alright, back in the saddle, back on the horse, etc. For once a Monday is looking better to me than a Friday. Friday last week sucked. But I had a good weekend. Some good baseball wins, some time outside with the kids, some carnival food, fireworks, and capped by a relaxing day at my in-laws yesterday and a nighttime viewing of X-Men: Days of Future Past with Spenser and my father-in-law. I really enjoyed the movie but support the other voices who would love to see the movie where Mystique is the hero rather than the villain.

I’ve got a pretty laid back week and Becky is still at home so there will probably be more days by the pool and trips to the mall for ice cream and air conditioning.  One big frustration today was dealing with the insurance company and the hospital regarding Becky’s disability for her surgery. The lack of common sense by some very smart people never ceases to amaze me.

I’ve been watching a lot of baseball now that summer is in full swing and my shows are mostly in reruns. We only have one more episode of Fargo and I’m going to miss it. I’m working my way through season six of Californication and I sill love this show so much. It’s not one of the the strongest seasons by far, but still mighty entertaining. I’ve seen previews for the DVD release of True Detective and I think I’m ready to give it another shot. I’ll of course report back my findings.  Other than that, I’m just chipping away at my next novel and thinking about all of the other other novels I want to write. Lack of good ideas has never been a problem for me. Picking which ones to focus on is where I get myself into trouble.