Looking for my gold medallion and chest hair grease

I work in technical support, but the focus is really being shifted to sales in recent months. This does not make everyone happy, particularly those who are very technically savvy but not so much with people skills needed to survive in a sales environment. Now I’ve mostly worked in the service industry and it seems in recent years every job I’ve had eventually involves some sort of sales aspect. Even the newspaper I worked for started pressuring us to pimp the wireless service being started by the company that owned us. Am I just in an isolated bubble because of the jobs I’ve had or does anybody else see their job turning into a sales position?

And the obvious connection to writing and publishing can’t be ignored. Writers, once expected to be soley creative and artistic are now expected to be pimp and sales flack even more than artist. Is there a trend national for everything to be moved to sales positions? And if so, why? The economy isn’t that bad. Maybe its greed. I don’t know but I’m curious. Any thoughts out there?