Look, I Made a Blog


I’ve got to make this quick because the kids are making an unholy amount of racket playing in the back room and I’m trying to listen for screaming or, worse, total silence.

We’re 23 days into the 30 Day Content Challenge and I think the time is good to evaluate what’s gone on here and see what we can take away from it. I’ve only missed posting two days and thanks to the joys of backdating I can adjust the posting date so it looks like there was a post even on the days there wasn’t. It’s cheating, I know, but the glaring hole in the calendar was more than I could take. And since I’ve posted 25 times in 23 days I think it all works out in the end.

Let’s start with the whole reason I started this adventure to begin with: Facebook. Who would have known trying to get away from the damn place would renew my interest in it. I’ve had some of the best conversations over there in the last few weeks and even got a couple of blog posts out of it. What I have been happy to move away from is posting pictures over there. I like posting them here and having a bit more to say about them. I also like that if FB ever got baked or they just really wanted to take their frustrations out on their visitors that I have another place to keep my photos. I also know that it’s a big draw to get family members and friends from outside of the crime community to check out the blog.

The renewed focus has inspired me to clean up the place and streamline the operation for maximum affect. I like the new design and I’ve found many of WordPress’s features quite useful. I’ve also liked my renewed focus on longer thoughts and more in-depth analysis of current goings on, but I’ve got to back off from some of that. If I’m going to be doing this for the long haul I can’t be “on” every day and some days you’ll get link posts or pictures or just random crap that makes no sense at all. it’ll be as close as you can get to really being with me on a daily basis.

The thing I’m most disappointed in is the traffic and the comments. I’m of course getting much more traffic than I was before I started posting regularly, but it’s nowhere near what I used to get and there aren’t comments I crave. That’s good though, I guess, because it makes it easier to keep the focus where I want it to be. Instead of trying to post specific things I know might generate traffic, I can just post what I want and I think as long as people start to see there’s something new here every day they’ll check it out. I also know that readership will come once I have books out there and more stories and such.

That brings us to another concern I had about devote so much effort to this place. I was hoping it wouldn’t affect my work on the novel in progress. That one is a bit hard to judge because I’m in a phase where I’m not generating new words, I’m reviewing and revising while plotting out the ending. I’ve not been as productive as I’d like, but I suspect that has more to do with my general laziness and other online distractions than the 10-15 minutes a day I spend on these posts. I hope to be done with this book by the end of May so I can get to work on the next book I want to write while letting the current book cool on the window sill for a bit.

What’s your impression been of the last 23 days? Anything you’d like to see? Anything you’d like to see changed?