Live: From Real Life

I woke in a foul mood this morning, but it seems to have subsided so far so that’s good. This weekend was great writing-wise. After doing 1500 words on the novel Saturday, I rolled up my sleeves and did 2,000 on Sunday bringing the grand total back up 60,000 which makes me happy. Who knows if they’re good words, but I suspect they’re better than the ones they replaced.

 I’ve written here before about my difficulty coming up with good motives for crimes and lately I’ve been feeling like none of my motives were solid or credible reasons for murder and sundry. And then god bless Kwamie Kilpatrick. The vaunted mayor of Detroit has been nailed in a another web of his long list of fabulous crimes. But the interesting part to me was the crimes and how they relate to the Detroit Police Department.

There was a party at the mayoral mansion and afterward a stripper who was there was murdered and the weapon used looks to be a police issued gun. All of the officers involved in pursuing that investigation have been fired, harrased, or “disappeared.” And this is a city where almost all of the murders go unsolved. What a great place for a PI, right?