Life and Death

This weekend was one of remembrance and a lot of walking. Saturday was my grandma’s 90th birthday party so Becky and I made the trip up to Flint to see her and eat very nice cake and a very bitter potato salad. Sunday, Becky wanted to go visit the graves of her grandparents and some other very close relatives.

This was a cool trip for me because the graves were mostly in cemeteries around Detroit so it was view of the city I don’t get very much. In southwest Detroit the parks were absolutely packed with Hispanic and Arab crowds playing soccer. That’s the largest group of people I’ve seen playing soccer in the park over age 11. After we visited her family graves, we headed up Woodward Avenue to the cemetery where my grandpa is buried. After hunting around for hours and not being able to find it we finally gave up. I was shocked that the front office wasn’t open on a Sunday after noon. Wouldn’t you think that would be the biggest day for family visits?? We also had a little prayer session as we contemplated bringing our baby into the world as a new life surrounded by reminders of how fleeting and precious life is.

Then I went and bought some books. I was most excited to see that the new PJ Parrish book SOUTH OF HELL is out. This book takes place in Ann Arbor and that makes me happy. I took some time off from working on the novel to revise a short story sent back to me by an editor considering it for an anthology. The story needed to be leaner and quicker and I think I made some good revisions. We’ll see how that plays out. While I was in the middle of the revisions I was amazed how much I still enjoy the art of revision.