Let’s Celebrate The Mother Of My Children


I am very lucky to have Becky as the mother of my children. As perfect as she is for me as a wife, she’s even a better match for me as a parent. I’ve been more aware of this than normal with the impending birth of Baby Number Three. Also, both of the kids have been kind of awful lately and she’s been a good partner with me. She can tell when I’m getting frustrated with them and will either calm them down or me, depending on who is at fault.

We also share the same basic parenting beliefs, which is important. We still have fights, because we’re human, but on the big picture issues we’re on the same page. This is why our marriage has been able to thrive even under the stress of having two little kids so close together. So as we get ready to tackle our next parenting adventure, I salute you baby and I appreciate how great you are dealing with all three of us kids.

*A note about that photo: the baby is my sister’s new baby right after he was born, not one of my own, but I thought Becky looked pretty awesome holding him so there we go.