Let It Snow (Finally)

Finally Snowing 2012
So this snow out there is the fruition of my biggest Christmas wish. I was able to spend the day with the kids bundled up and cozy reading (me) and coloring (them) while this happened.

The only problem with this kind of accumulation is that my snow blower is the prissiest piece of equipment I own. I have a no name no frills lawn mower that I can beat up, never tune up, leave in the rain, and fill with sand and it will always run. Meanwhile my snow blower only starts once every 3 years and never the days I need it to.

Update: It turns out this malfunction was my fault. When I mixed the oil with the gas I forgot to shake the can. Oops. So I dumped that tank out, shook the can, refilled the tank and BAM! we have a working snow blower. I ran it for a while just to make sure and then came inside to eat dinner and  update my curious social media fans. I won’t be entirely surprised though when I go back out to actually use the things that it fails on me again.