Learning to Take a Friggin’ Compliment

The astute among you may have noticed that on my new Novels page there are some blurbs for MURDER BOY. These are very cool to receive and have brought up kind of an odd deficiency in my personality. I can’t take a compliment. I’ve made my reputation online being a self-deprecating wise ass with myself and with those close to me. While I toiled through the wasteland of submissions and failed novels and failed dreams that was a great look for me. But now that things haven’t started looking up for my career people are starting to say genuinely nice things about me and I find myself bristling at it.

And that ain’t right.

For one, I’m sure it reveals some sort of deeply rooted insecurity about my talent that I don’t want to acknowledge and is best left ignored. But also, I don’t want to insult the folks who took their valuable time to do me a favor and read my book by devaluing their comments. So dammit, I need to learn how to take a compliment.

Maybe the book will suck and this will all be a moot point and I can revel in a pool of crappy reviews and angry letters, but on the off chance this thing finds some success, any tips for dealing with this without becoming a sanctimonious prick?