Lazy and guilty

Well I’m blowing off working on the book tonight so I might as well update this SOB. I just am not in the mood to write at all. I’m tired and cranky and on top of this, now I’m guilty and frustrated that I can’t work through the laziness and do something productive tonight. Bleh.

I can’t believe it’s August already. This is the first summer in a LOOOOOONG time that has flown by. MOst of them have been miserable experiences where I was deep in the money pit and working crappy jobs to keep my head above water all the while waiting desperately for Fall to show up. But man, this summer done flown bye. I dig my job, I enjoyed the work I was doing at the beginning of the summer and money seems to be flowing on a regular basis once again. And did I mention I’m moving back to Ann Arbor August 19?

That said, I’m with this chicky that Fall should show up ASAP. I enjoyed my summer, but I’m all about the Fall. The clothes. The weather. The football. The clothes. The smells.

My computer is on its way out and that makes me sad. I think I might have said this before come to think of it. Its the computer I’ve written all of my novels and all but a couple short stories on. We’ve got history but man, this thing is just pissing me off lately with its flakiness. Come to think of it, with all of it’s quirks and glitches and problems, my body must be running Windows ME.

I did have cupcakes though. Chocolate.