Knocking Around in my Head


It’s Friday and it’s been a rough few days on my brain so let’s all me honest about the likelihood of getting a coherent post out of me today. So here, in no particular order, are bits and pieces of what’s been knocking around in my head.

This piece from Galleycat today about whether blogging needs a new name if it expects to survive into the future kind of falls in line with some other bits of thought I’ve been trying to mush together for a serious post on what I’m looking for in this blog and my writing career. But, as I said, Thought Glue is in short supply around here so I’m just linking to someone else’s thoughts. Actually, I’m linking to a site that links to the original post. I suspect by next week I will have a better grasp on my own thoughts and will explore this more in depth.

I hate people who are extremely talented in more than one area. Most of us with any sort of talent in the arts usually have some level of talent in other areas (singers who can act, writers who can sing) but I’m talking about the people who cross fields and are awesome at everything. Like doctors who are bestselling authors, or writers who are fantastic graphic designers. Maybe I’m just bitter that I’m not one of them.

I really have to mow my lawn this weekend or we’re going to start losing the kids and the dog. It’s bad enough in the normal years when I have to start thinking about this in May, but here in Michigan I had to start thinking about it in March. I did get a moderate reprieve from the weeding in the Flowerbed of Lost Souls as my mother-in-law, who babysits the kids two days a week, used them as slave labor to pull most of the big giant weeds. I still have some reclamation work to do on it to once and for all clear out all of the weeds and other natural litter, but that will come.

We re-upped our XM radio subscription in our main car for six months as we’ve got some road trips coming up and our seperate Ipods are about as compatible as gasoline and playgrounds. I get to drive this work during the week to work and I especially like it in the morning when I can listen to music (Broadway and ALtNation) instead of the unrelenting assault of morning radio personalities on the collective intelligence of our nation. Even though the stations on XM are almost exactly the same as Sirius, I swear the song selection is better on XM. I really miss the Nashville channel which was a great source of new country music that was months ahead of the mainstream radio stations. And it looks like I’m not the only one.

One of those road trips will be to Cleveland in October for Bouchercon. I can’t believe that’s only six months away. I have a lot to finish before then for that trip to be worth it professionally and not just a social trip.

Have a great weekend.