*Knock Knock* Housekeeping *Knock Knock*


So looking through what I’ve written so far in this 30 Day Content Challenge and thinking about what I’ll continue to write about when I’m done with the challenge I see three branded features developing that might help draw in readers outside of the crime fiction community. These are the interviews, the chats about Christianity, and the parenting posts. Until now, two of the three haven’t had any branded link to the sites name so I’ve changed that. Here are the three new topics I’ve added:

The Coping With Sanity Interview: My first two subjects came from the hybrid fields of crime and urban fantasy. Future interviews will dabble in romance, screenwriting, and any other non crime fiction field I can think of.

Coping With Christianity: I’m at a point in my life where I’m not really questioning my faith, but I’m certainly questioning it’s role in my professional life and what I can do to affect positive change through my faith. These will mostly be on Sundays but not always because I’m screwy that way. Future topics will include drinking, swearing, and politics from the pulpit.

Coping With Parenting: My kids are getting to the age now where I need the village to help me raise them. These posts will be sad, alarming, frustrating, offensive, and hopefully a bit humorous. I’ll try not to whine too much. Future topics will hit hard on Free Range Parenting which I’m absolutely fascinated by lately.

Think this will work out for you all? Thanks for popping by.