Kickstart Gischler

There was an interesting discussion going on over at Do Some Damage regarding Kickstarter. Plenty of interesting people pop up in the comments with plenty of interesting points and you should check it out. But before you do, go over to the Kickstarter that Victor Gischler has brewing for his sequel to Go Go Girls of the Apocalypse. There are many reasons to support Victor but here are the biggies for me:

1) This book is my second favorite novel he has ever written (the first is Pistol Poets) and the only one of my favorites that has the chance for a sequel. 

2) Maybe if this campaign is successful and the ensuing book is successful he’ll look at other novels of his and reconsider sequels so we can get another Conner Samson novel

3) I’m very very interested in seeing Victor Gischler make a lot of money from his books because his style is the sort of style I sort of fit into and I myself would like to make a lot of money writing my books. Sort of. I mean obviously I’m not in this just for money but I’d hope that if I had the sort of large readership I’d like then the money would follow.

4) This is America and a guy like Victor shouldn’t be more popular in Italy than he is here. Until he is our most treasured novelist the terrorists will always win.

So now go and give him money. NOW.