Just be yourself…mostly.

Apparently I have a personality that annoys some people.

Really. I know. Shocking.

Well Captain Obvious, I’ve known this for some time. I’m upfront, snide, snarky, and aggressive. And honest. All through school I was hated by my classmates for speaking up during class, debating with the professor or generally doing anything to prolong the class. Except the profs. They loved it. And the writing center I used to work in, I know at least half of the tutors there don’t like me. Some of it is jealousy but most of it is just my personality rubbing them the wrong way.

I don’t care. This is who I am. Sure, I should probably exhibit more self control when making jokes at inappropriate times, but don’t we all have areas we’d like to work on? And I know there are people who like me BECAUSE of my personality, not in spite of it.

Today though, I had my best friend call me out about it. She’s told me in the past this is an area that bugs her about me even though she saw the same me in the writing center as everyone else but gravitated toward me instead of hating me. But this time it wasn’t her I offended, a new friend of hers who was hanging out with a group of us on Friday night was offended and made to feel uncomfortable by something I said. I asked her what it was but she said her friend didn’t give any specifics. She also said there were a couple of things she didn’t invite me to because of this. So, I, who’s been her friend for 4 years through lots of crap should change so I don’t offend her new friend she’s known barely a month.


So what do all of you think? Do you hold back your personality and try to make everyone happy and comfortable even though eventually your true self will show through and will still probably scare some people away? Or do you say if they don’t want me the way I am, there’s the exit? And more specifically, those of you who count me as a friend, do you like me because of my personality or in spite of it?