Julie, Julia, Chuck, and Bees

I spent most of the morning in bed watching Julie & Julia on Lifetime like a real man and it got me thinking about writing and blogging. I had a really good response to my guest post over at Chuck Wendig’s site about what a freelance editor can teach an author. I was surprised at how many people contacted me who had previously paid for an editor but were disappointed with the experience but didn’t know why. After reading my post they all realized what a quality freelance editor can offer.

Yesterday I was stung by a bunch of bees while I mowed the lawn and it sucked. The first time I was stung twice on the ankle, once on my leg, and once on my wrist. After a while I went back out again and got stung twice more on the other ankle and my toe. The next day most of the other stings are okay but the one on my wrist hurts like a mofo and is all swollen and stiff. I’ve been loading on Tylenol and Claritin to keep it under control but I’m keeping an eye on just in case. It got me thinking though about my fear of spiders and how irrational it is. I’ve never been bitten by a spider but they creep me out. But I’ve now been stung ten times by bees and they don’t bother me. Weird.

Today is much editing and some writing on my new book that I am very behind on and then more editing because I need money for bills and for the impending money suck of back-to-school and the kids’s birthdays.