I’ve Been The Parent Of A Six Year Old For 24 Hours Now

How did this little guy get to be so big. Happy Birthday buddy.


I shouldn’t be writing this right now. For one, I’m up to my eyeballs in work (yay!) and some very important pieces of work are waaaaay behind (boo!). But also, Spenser’s birthday was yesterday and I let it pass by without commemorating it here. That’s not good. I took that picture above last night before we left to go out dinner and I was shocked how old he looked. I like having little kids and I know I won’t have little kids for very long, but it’s not rushing by me as fast as I expected it to. Part of that I think is because I document and examine every aspect of it here and other places which kind of drags the process out.

It’s important to me to document and reflect on stuff like this because this place has become more of an archive of my life than my major every day online presence. I was reading a piece over at John Scalzi’s place where he was talking about just this thing and he was wondering where his website fit into his overall online personality. For me this site has always served as a diary where I can vent and reflect and document the important (and not so important) moments in my life so I can go back and read about it later. It seems like every few days I’m checking the archives here to see what I was thinking at a particular moment or when a specific thing happened. Just yesterday I was checking to see when I got my first iPhone.  I don’t anticipate that going away any time soon either, especially as the publication of my first novel is on the horizon and my kids are getting older and getting into more activities I want to write about.

So anyway, a bit of reflection for you all to prep you for Tuesday next week which is my birthday and will result in a whole lot more self-centered reflecting. My life is many things, but unexamined is not one of them.