I’ve Arrived In Albany Despite The Best Efforts Of The Petty Airport Cab Czar

This is the view from my hotel room. Isn’t it lovely? I shared a cab here with Michael Wiley and CJ Carpenter and the guy getting us a cab at the airport was kind of a dick. More on that later, but I wanted to get in the obligatory view from the hotel room shot because otherwise it’s like I was NEVER HERE. When I got into my room the thermostat was 1) Only in Celsius 2) Set to roughly 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Yikes.

I’m traveling with my full compliment of Mac devices and it’s nice I only had to bring two chargers and neither of them are very big at all. But now I’m very, very hungry so I need some food. I also kind of wish I would have brought shorts. I like it better when it’s chilly at Bouchercon. Okay. Bye.