It’s kind of fuzzy

I can’t focus on anything these days to save my life. Not that I was ever particularly adept at maintaining balance and focus in my life. But when I had a small life with little responsibility it was easy to compensate. These days my life includes so many people and so many activities and my brain is exhausted. I don’t as well as I should. I don’t exercise as well as I should. And I don’t shower my wife with affection and attention like I should. I think this also might be one of the root problems I’m having with my writing lately. And then there are the neglected friends, the neglegcted family, and the pile of unaddressed wedding thank you notes that still need to go out.

So what to do about it all? Normally I find writing lists and keeping notes helps, but then I lose the lists and notes. Part of me feels like that guy in MEMENTO who needs to keep pictures and sticky notes on everything. If I could narrow it down to one major reason I think I would pick a lack of energy as the source of my troubles. It would be so much easier if I was all peppy and zip full of energy all day but that ain’t ever going to happen. And it’s going to all go to hell once the baby comes along, so I need to get it under control now.

Exercise and diet seem obvious choices to help this, but its’ not as easy to fix as you might think. Every minute I’m out jogging or walking with the dog is time I’m not at home with my wife, or writing. And cooking takes time and energy, and then on the weekends we’re working at the house or running around town and good nutrition suffers.

So I’m opening this up for suggestions. How do I get my head screwed on straight these days?