It’s Book Launch Day!



So it’s lunchtime and you’re on a break at work thinking about what to do tonight and wondering if any of those options will involve cake. YES. My book launch party at Aunt Agatha’s. I realize this may sound like false modesty or self-deprecation, but it’s not. I had another nightmare last night that nobody showed up at my event tonight. So please help me alleviate those fears and come have cake with me and my big extended family tonight at 7pm.

I know I’ve bragged here about how successful my other events have been so far, but this one really freaks me out. First, this is the first one I’ve doing all on my own. When I was in AZ and TX I had two other writers on the ticket with me and when I signed at Barnes and Noble this weekend I had the backing of Educator Appreciation Week to entice visitors to take a chance on me. But this event is all me. And I’m pretty sure Aunt Agatha’s ordered the most copies of any of the other stores which makes me even more nervous. And on top of all of that, this event was supposed to be the first event right on publication day so it would have that new book and new event glow to it. But due to some very awesome circumstances, the book was published two weeks sooner and now I’m afraid everyone will be all Murder Boy-d out and sick of me by now.

Luckily I only have to obsess about this for another 6.5 hours before the verdict will be sealed and I can finally move on.

UPDATE: The event was a great success. Lots of people showed up and more importantly lots of people bought books. Thanks to everyone who came out. I did leave some signed stock behind so contact the store if you’d like to get a copy. Also, look at this cool cake they presented me with: