In the end

I was totally battling a nasty bout of Isuckitis the last couple of weeks as i tried to get back into a rythem of writing at least 1,000 words a day. There was a break last night and I saw a few more sparks of places to take the story that should carry me through for a few thousand words more at least (total as of last night was 55,046) but something else occured to me later.

As I start winding my way into the end of this book I can’t just throw in more characters and open up more plot lines. I have to start bringing things together and collapsing the plot threads in on each other. One agent who gave ame a very great detailed analysis of my work said I had a great knack for spinning the plot in new directons but suffered when it came to bringing it all together. endings ahve always been hard for me and I dread this one coming up. I’ve been able to get them under control in my short fiction but the good novel ending still eludes me. It’s not going to be right the first time or probably even the second time, but I’m hoping that with enough practice and the skills I’ve developed from the short form that I will get a good ending out of this book.

How do you guys handle your endings? Strength or weakness?