In N Out Of The Southwest

First ever In N Out animal style My first time on Southwest. I've only heard good things

I know you’re concerned because you haven’t heard from me, but I made it to Arizona safely. I rented a car with an automatic start that confused the hell out me for longer than I would like to admit but then I got rolling and it was great. I made a stop at In N Out for the first time ever on my way to my cousin’s house to hang out for a bit. I really enjoyed it. The taste was like a cross between Five Guys and a White Castle slider. The fries left something to be desired though. Can’t say I was a fan.

My flight was great. It was my first time flying Southwest and I had an awesome experience. I got an aisle seat in the exit row so lots of legroom and the beverage and snack service was nice. I definitely want to do that again. Now I’m just bidding my time until I can get downtown to find my Angry Robot Crew.