I’m Writing From An Airport Because I Am The Bees Knees

More specifically I am writing this on my iPad at a table in a nearly deserted sports bar at the Detroit Metro Airport. I arrived here more than 3 hours early so Becky could get down to Detroit for a hockey game with Spenser. I found that arriving that early made getting through security a whole lot less stressful.

In other news it looks like I managed to get all of my clothes for a week in Europe into one carry-on bag. I feel much better knowing this bag will hang with me the entire trip unbeholden to the whims and skills of baggage handlers. Sure, I know first hand that even carry-on luggage can go missing, but I’ve got to imagine that’s a once in a lifetime thing as long as I don’t ever fly US Air again. Of course this is made easier by 1) being a guy and 2) being in a field that allows for casual clothes even in professional environs.

Using the rolling method for my clothes I managed to get 6 super hero t-shirts, 4 sweaters, 1 rugby shirt, a hoody, a pair of khakis, a pair of corduroys, and even socks and underwear to keep me fresh for a couple weeks into my bag. My backpack has my iPad and keyboard (which is the only computing device I brought along so we’ll see how that works out), my Kindle, my new Batman headphones, and all of the crap I packed to keep me hydrated and free of mucus on the flight.

Now my only concern is getting some rest on the flight. With it being a later flight I hope that makes it easier, but I brought some NyQuil just in case. I previewed the entertainment options available on the flight and there’s lots of good stuff so I know I won’t be bored, but when I get in my body will think it’s only 4am while the rest of Europe will be assuming it’s nearly noon. Blech. But whatever. First world problems and all that. I get to fly to Europe in reasonable comfort to do something I love so it’s hard to complain too much. But that doesn’t mean I won’t do it at least a little bit. I’m grateful, but I’m still human.